TOP 6 Best Commercial Greenhouse Kits for MAXIMUM PROFITS!

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The benefit of using the best commercial greenhouse kits cannot be underestimated.

As a farmer or grower, getting 1 or two cheap commercial greenhouses for sale might be temptation but you could as well regret it if you don’t get a heavy-duty commercial greenhouse.

WE NEVER RECOMMEND getting used commercial greenhouse for sale off classified sites as you’re almost certain these things have few years of service life left.

Whenever you can, get your 20×40 greenhouse kit etc. new.

Best Commercial Greenhouse Kits

1550 sq ft Light Deprivation Commercial Greenhouse CHECK ON AMAZON
Solar Gem 8′ x 15′ Large, Fully Assembled, Heavy Duty, Walk-in Fiberglass Greenhouse BUY ON AMAZON
Northern Lights Commercial Greenhouse 30′ x 72′ SEE ON AMAZON
Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse 16′ X 16′ X 9’6″ – 3.5mm SHOP ON AMAZON
Monticello MONT-20-BK Greenhouse, 8′ x 20′, Black BUY ON AMAZON

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Checkout some of the best commercial greenhouses to buy today:

  • Solar Gem 8′ x 15′ Large, Fully Assembled, Heavy Duty, Walk-in Fiberglass Greenhouse

Rated #1 heavy duty commercial greenhouse, this Made in the USA unit is delivered complete and does not require assembly. It is a medium sized greenhouse with a sizing of 8′ X 15′, easily starts enough plants for a garden over 3500 square fee.

This large greenhouse is perfect for gardeners with large growing ambitions, families, and/or wish to use their greenhouse to generate extra income by selling what they grow.

It comes with a front storm door, rear window, and dual automatic overhead vents.

It doesn’t need foundation since its heavy duty and built for any climate. This is hands down one of the best commercial greenhouses for cold climate out there.

With its design, this GH can accommodate four (4) of our optional cedar work benches.

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Delivery was on time, earlier than expected. The delivery man was really helpful at explaining everything from set up to use and how to take care of it during winter.

Overall, this GH is very made packed with plenty of value.

  • Solexx Conservatory Greenhouse 16′ X 16′ X 9’6″ – 3.5mm

This is yet another product that is made in the USA and is amongst one of the most spacious greenhouse kits on the market.

It is very popular with commercial nurseries and schools. Standing at 9”6” height, this greenhouse can easily accommodate seedlings, larger plants and even small trees.

It boasts of dual single-tier, side benches that run the length of the outer walls and a large 5” wide, double-tiered, bench frame that sits in the center of the GH structure with enough growing area.

The basic 16’ x 16’ x 9’ 6” model gives you over 220 sq. ft. of greenhouse bench surface plus about 60 linear feet of hanging rods for baskets and trailing plants.

Its Four doors allow easy access from either end of your greenhouse.

Greenhouse includes:

  • 4 doors
  • Heavy-duty composite frame – rust, mildew, and corrosion free
  • Double-wall Solex greenhouse panels that allows for an upgrade to 5mm for heavy snow or high-altitude areas.
  • New stronger and lockable doors
  • Dual side bench frames, full length, 29” deep, hold 500 lbs
  • Two-tiered 58” x 188” bench frame(s) in the center of the greenhouse (accessible from both sides)
  • 4 full-length hanging rods, holds 200 lbs each
  • Sturdy, built-in base, requires no foundation
  • 2 Large Easy Flow Louver air vents
  • Easy-to-assemble steel fittings
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Monticello Greenhouse Premium Package, 8′ x 20′, Black Finish

First, it is made in USA you can’t go wrong with that. My panels are in strong we have had some high winds and the panels have not shifted.

The quality for the price is great! Also, their customer service is topnotch. The team is super friendly and helpful over the phone, and always available to answer questions. Would recommend to others and will definitely turn to Monticello for future needs.

The 8′ X 24′ Monticello Premium Greenhouse is well made and the installation instructions are well prepared.

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Before I got them, I contacted customer service and they were really easy to talk to and very supportive too.

These days, it is hard to find excellent customer service that gives their full attention and is willing to answer any question. I tip my hat to you guys!

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  • Monticello MONT-20-BK Greenhouse, 8′ x 20′, Black

The Monticello 8” x “20 is proudly MADE IN THE USA so you get full value for your money.

Before it arrives, ensure you have done your site preparation (digging and leveling the ground). The instructions in the manual are helpful, but not great, a couple of pages have actual errors in them.

It is very well insulated and great to house an aquaponics system. My neighbor, Sarah uses it to house hers with a 350-gallon fish tank and with about 200 gallons in the tank, even with more than 100-degree days in the afternoon inside the greenhouse, her water temperature stayed within 2-3 degrees usually staying at about 77 degrees. I

  • ClimaPod 9’x14′ 6-MM Twin-wall Polycarbonate Greenhouse Kit with Heavy Duty Aluminum Framing

This greenhouse can withstand more than 70 mile an hour winds over 48 hours with no damage at all.


It has also held up against quite a bit of snowfall and extremely cold temperature. However, you need to remove the snow from the roof, as needed.

Their support is really helpful and can help you assemble this unit if for one reason or another, you’re unable to do so yourself.

With a small radiant heater, you can begin using the greenhouse in March this year and started many flowers for my yard and peas are beginning to flower. We added grow boxes to the floor and were pleased to have an extremely long season of vegetables and mini melons. I recommend this product highly.

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  • Palram Bella Hobby Greenhouse, 8′ x 20′, Silver with Twin Wall Glazing

The unit should take 1-2 days to assemble but the instructions are all pictographs so it is easy to do and show all the layout by parts list.


There have been reports from some customers that the top might leak when it rains since the roofs are not really attached all that well and the unit gets hot when in direct sun; even with all 4 windows open.

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The “hinge” is just a flange stuck into a groove, and during a wind storm they can blow out. It’s not a huge deal but I don’t get why they didn’t use a proper hinge.

This is one of the cheap commercial greenhouses for sale you will ever find!

  • Northern Lights Commercial Greenhouse 30′ x 72′

The Northern 30” x 72” Commercial Greenhouse with Complete Light Deprivation systems features:

  • 2 3/8” diameter frame on 4’ centers
  • Poly-weave Greenhouse Fabric covering
  • End wall kits  Polycarbonate end wall covers (CPC)
  • Dual intake shutters  Dual exhaust fans
  • 30’ x 72’ Deluxe Auto Flowering Kit includes:
  • Lock down and gable extrusions (fabric locking hardware)
  • Manual Roll up Walls, Manual Ridge Vent
  • Breathable blackout curtains  100% blackout seals
  • Breathable walls
  • Agrowtek GC-Pro-C-XA controller unit
  • Metal Corrugated (GR7) end walls up to blackout roof and polycarbonate (CPC) from blackout roof to ridge
  • 8’ exterior sliding door upgraded to Light Dep ready
  • 4’ man door upgraded to Light Dep ready
  • HAF 20” Circulation fan with cord and bracket, tapered guard
  • Tie bars and rods
  • Equipment hanging bars
  • Automation for ridge vent and roll up side walls
  • 1550 sq ft Light Deprivation Commercial Greenhouse

With this unit, you’re able to prodtce beautiful flowering all through the year.

The light deprivation lets you push beyond nature’s limit. It allows you grow the plants of your choice the safest way possible.

The goal of commercial farming is for increased profit. This GH utilizes technology to make more money. With higher quality crops, increased availability, and less costs to produce them, combine them all and you ultimately boost your business’s earnings.

By utilizing the use of the sun to generate power for your plants, you’re able to save a large amount in electricity costs, while still controlling the environment in which plants grow.

With the automation of this GH, you’re able to reduce labor costs.

Time is money, and this unit helps you save plenty of it. It yields bigger, higher-quality flowering crops and quality product, especially at the height of summer.

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