Good, Bad & Best Chicken Feed for Silkies

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Like all birds, the fastest way to a silkie’s heart is THROUGH FEEDS. When you approach your ladies with food, they’ll come running, all excited and ready to eat away.

In fact, watching them eat is a delight, don’t you agree? Feeding silkies isn’t really expensive or hard either, but there are feeds for silkie chickens you should be aware of.

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Best Chicken Feed for Silkies

I feed mine the Purina Egg laying Pellets and they love it! As for the chicks, I feed Purina Medicated Chick starter, and never had any problems.

But, that’s not all, I feed other types too and I have taken time to write about my experience below.

Sometimes I feed chicks chick grit too, it is rich in pro-biotics and is very cheap.

For Adults

  • Manna Pro 16-Percent Layer Crumbles with Probiotics, 8 lb (6 Pack)

When I first began my backyard chicken farming journey, I began feeding tis to my 4 weeks old chicks upon arrival.


Well. They’re now 19 months old and have done excellent with this crumble diet and I am more than satisfied.

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There had been some reviews I read about where customers complained of large part of this crumbles being dust.

Well, I haven’t had such a n experience and I have ordered more than 25 bags.

  • Purina Organic Layer Pellets, 35 lb

This feed is cluckin yummy.


I know this because my neighbors have given me two bags to feed my hens and they love it.

It contains 16% protein, 3.25% calcium; maintains hen health and supports consistent egg production

For Chicks

  • Manna Pro Organic Grower Crumbles

The Manna Pro Organic Grower Crumbles is perfect for birds!


My pullets transitioned from Manna Pro Chick Medicated Starter with no issues at all.

I tried to get them to eat other brands now, and they don’t like it as much as this.

You should try this too.

  • Purina Start and Grow | Non-Medicated Chick Feed Crumbles | Nutritionally Complete – 25 Pound (25 lb.) Bag

My young pullets were first put upon this when my sister shipped me her birds.


They did well on it and I gradually transitioned them to layer feed. They have grown quite significantly ever since them and are healthier than before.

Lastly, I like the customer service of this brand. They are quick, responsive and helpful too.

I will definitely order from them again.

  • Nutrena Nature Wise Chick Starter Grower Feed – 7 Lb.

I like to feed mine Nutrena Chick starer with water added in the morning. All poultry of all ages can safely eat this – in fact, my adults often go crazy over them.


I love the additional protein and vitamins in chick starter. In my feeders for example, I do have a mix of feather fixer and all flock! I like the smaller size pellets nutrena has.

I always have mixed genders and ages. Grit and oyster shells on the side.

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Best Chicken Feed for Silkies

What to feed baby silkie chickens

You can feed baby silkie chickens the following:

  • Starter chick feeds
  • Ground up wholegrain cereals, like rice, oatmeal, and wheat
  • Grit as well (which they might, not being on the ground yet), make sure that the grit you get is ‘chick size’ – their little gizzards won’t be able to cope with adult chicken grit!

What Should I Feed My Silkies?

  • Grit

Since chickens lack teeth, and are unable to chew their meals. Grit helps them ground the feed in an organ known as “gizzard”.

Free-range birds will eat grit they come across lying naturally on the ground, but it may be an idea to supply your birds an extra source of gri (CHECK ON AMAZON)t.

One I recommend is ground up oyster shell. They usually eat enough of what they need so you should not be afraid of overdoing it!

  • Grains

There are plenty of places where you can buy wholegrains such as maize, barley, wheat, oats, etc for your chickens.

Grains are an excellent source of “scratch feed”.

A “scratch feed” is one which is scattered on the ground so that your silkies will have to “scratch” for it.

Be a bit wary, though – feeding too many grains could make your chickens fat!

  • Protein

While your birds are moulting, or growing, they sure will need an extra source of protein so you can feed dried meal worms or try layer pellets.

You can also supply this by scattering cat kibble

  • Greens

Chickens will appreciate lots of greens. If you observe them free ranging, you’d see them pecking at weeds (also at your garden plants, so keep them away from your garden!) to get their yummy, leafy greens.

However, it’s never a bad idea to lob them a cauliflower or two.

  • Treats

Who doesn’t like treats? Guess who likes it more? Your birds, of course.

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You can throw in mealworms and corn once in a while as treats.

You can also purchase ready-made chicken treats with these in.

They’re a great way to earn the undying adoration of your silkies (and very handy for taming more cautious birds!).

List of Foods to never feed Your Silkie

While your silkies might not be picky, here are foods to avoid. In fact, the following are poisonous plants and foods for silkies:

  • Potatoes
  • Eggplants
  • Tomatoes
  • Dry rice (any rice fed to your chickens needs to be softened by cooking, or it will harm their guts)
  • Avocado
  • Eggs (you wouldn’t want cannibal chickens anyway, would you?)
  • Chocolate and candy
  • Apple seeds.
  • Anything high in salt
  • Citrus fruits
  • Onions
  • Raw beans

Remember, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Do Silkies Need Higher Protein?

Yes, silkies need higher protein calorie feed during winter to ease the process of molt.

Examples of protein treats for silkies include mealworms, crickets, eggs etc.

What Fruit Can Silkie Chickens Eat?

Silkies can be fed fruits like

  • Peach
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Collard Greens
  • Cron
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Wheat and more

Do Silkies need extra vitamins?

Yes, silkies need additional vitamins during extreme cold weather, stress, molting or when they are breeding.

Can Chicken Eat Banana Peel?

Yes, your chicken can be safely fed both banana flesh and peels.

Can Chickens Eat Coffee Grounds?

NEVER FEED your silkie chicken coffee grounds. It contains methylxanthine and caffeine, both of which are toxic and dangerous to chickens.

Can Silkies Survive Cold Weather?

Yes, silkies will survive cold weather. In fact, they are bred for harsh cold winters and are a hardy breed.

When to Switch Silkies To Layer Feed?

Around 20 Weeks Onwards.

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