The Best Chicken Coop for Hot Climates or Weather

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If you’re living at the top end of the desert region in the United States or in Australia where warmness and hotness is a norm, getting the best chicken coop for hot climates is a must!

Most chickens typically prefer the cold to the hot, so it’s important for any keeper living in the warm weather to carefully consider which of the chicken coop is best for their climate. Otherwise they may have some overheating hens on their hands!

To deal with snake problems, use a box of mothballs every so often, and put some around the outside of the coop, and run, far enough away that the chickens can’t get to them.

Best Chicken Coop for Hot Climates or Weather

Open air coops are the best for hot areas like Florida, Arizona, etc.

Large Metal Chicken Coop Walk-in Poultry Cage Hen Run This is an open-air coop that comes with roof, is durable but requires some modifications and keeps your birds safe from the jaws of predators.


It is designed to keep your birds in.



Walk-in 15 ft. Chicken Run – 6’6”W x 15’L x 6’3”H Outdoor Chicken Pen This is an open-air coop that does not comes with roof (we use leaves) but is higher quality and offers protection from predators.


I recommend getting this and adding a roof since it is designed to keep predators out.

  • Large Metal Chicken Coop Walk-in Poultry Cage Hen Run House Rabbits Habitat Cage Flat Roofed Cage with Waterproof and Anti-Ultraviolet Cover for Outdoor Backyard Farm Use (9.2′ L x 18.4′ W x 6.4′ H)

The coop frame was easy to assemble and snap-together with almost no efforts.

The instructions were clear and nicely labeled.

I have a couple observations and recommendations:

1) The Chickenwire is made to keep chickens *in* – not to keep predators out. So, you can reinforce the whole run with mesh wire or simply do a welded wire farm fencing around the bottom 3 feet of this enclosure to keep dogs, foxes, raccoons, etc. out.

2) Predators who *dig* Problem – To prevent digging predators from getting to your birds, you should lay 2 feet of chicken wire on the ground all around, using landcape staples to keep it in place.

Another option would be to dig and bury the wire.

After that, you might lay concrete pavers on top of the wire right next to the pen to help keep the wire in place and provide additional discouragement for digging.

3) Rats and Birds are able to fit through the gap by the door just fine. And then they’re too dumb to get out. Just remember that. I’ll probably rig up some sort of piece of wire or wood I can use to cover that gap at some point.

4) Small birds will be able to fit through the wire mesh to dip themselves in the chicken feed, but will be LESS motivated to get out, or will forget they fit through the mesh, and they will get stuck.

To prevent this, throw a bird netting over this whole thing.

Or you could not do that if you don’t mind opening the door and letting the birds out, but trust me, it does get annoying sometimes.

I decided I didn’t want to do the “wire the mesh onto the frame” thing and instead ordered an extra 1000 heavy duty zip ties. Made life a lot easier. Highly recommend.

For the extra chicken wire, farming fence, zip tiles and concrete pavers, I did an extra 250 bucks.

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Best Chicken Coop for Hot Climates

  • Walk-in 15 ft. Chicken Run – 6’6”W x 15’L x 6’3”H Outdoor Chicken Pen for Chickens, Hens, and Poultry (Chicken Coop Not Included)

This chicken coop is made from durable steel construction and is manufactured from high-quality and durable metal.

This chicken run is strong enough for your chicken to have a large walking space in it and it keeps them all safe and secure from predators that might attempt to come in.

Air is important especially when things are hot and this chicken run helps your chicken get fresh air while still enjoying some grass and mild sun.

With this chicken cage, your birds are safe from the hot weather, predators, and are unable to escape into the wild.

It is easy to clean – as simple as using a wet cloth or some running water to clean this chicken run cage.

Assembling this cage is simple as poles can be inserted with each other. It comes with all the parts needed for a quick and easy assembly, plus an adapter to fit any of the the OverEZ Chicken Coops.

This chicken coop run is a must-have for poultry owners. However, I would recommend using smoky fiberglass for the roof. It provides just enough shade, but doesn’t trap the heat like a clear fiberglass would.

For fly control, get some large, inexpensive containers of dried basil, and sprinkle it inside the coop, and runs. The chickens can eat it, and it’s good for them. The flies hate it, so it quickly brings them under control. It smells good, and helps with odor problems.

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How to care for chickens in hot weather

In hot climates, you should use the following: fan, ice water, and cold fruits.

  • Fan

You need at least 1 fan to keep your birds cool. Yes, they won’t get cooled a lot from a single fan but it will cool some, and more importantly, it will keep the air circulating.

Circulating air will help keep your birds cooler, keep away mosquitoes, flies, and aids evaporation, and helps with odor control.

  • Chilled water

Grab some empty water bottles, or gator ade bottles, and particially fill them with water, then freeze them.

On days that are really hot, float them in the water buckets.

  • Wet Spot

Take a hose and make a wet spot on the dirt for the chickens.

You should freeze water in gallon jugs, and punch holes in one side, and lay it on the ground in the wet spot.

As the ice gradually melts, it keeps the wet spot cold for a long time, and your chickens will troop to stand in the cold wet spot.

  • Chilled Fruits & Veggies

Many vegetables or chilled fruits are an awesome treat for your chickens on days that are really hot.

Additionally, you can adjust the hose sprayer, and lightly mist them. Just make sure to run the hose long enough that the water coming out is cool.

Designing A Chicken Coop For Hot Climates

There are 3 basic things you need to do to your chicken coop when you live in hot area:

  • Protection

Lots of critters out there consider your birds and eggs easy meals.

Do not let them have a free lunch! We have shared ways above by which you can keep your coop predator safe.

For instance, to cougar proof chicken coop, you will need wire mesh and electric fencing.

  • Shade

Avoid direct sun as much as possible, even in mild climates.

Make sure your flock has good access to plenty of shade during the hottest times a day.

  • Ventilation

Chickens perform really well in ventilated areas.

That means you should exercise care, when building your coop and provide enough ventilation.

Best Chicken Breeds for Warm Climates

  • Brahma
  • New Hampshire Red
  • Fayoumi
  • Rhode Island Red
  • Leghorn

How to keep Chickens Cool In 110 Degrees

  • Provide Shade
  • Cold Fresh Water
  • Ice Water
  • Cold fruit – watermelon, grapes, whatever. Slices of watermelon can be placed in the freezer a half hour or hour before placing by the birds
  • Freeze their Feed
  • Ventilate the Coop
  • Keep the Coop Clean (No Deep Litter Method) …
  • Set up a Kiddie Pool (or Mud Puddle)
  • Use Misters (or Sprinklers)

Can chickens survive 110 degrees?

Yes, chickens can survive 110 degrees when provides access to cool, cold water.

Mine survived through 115-120 with heat index and it was evil.

How To Keep Chickens Cool In Summer

My chicken coop is too hot today? Here’s what to do:

  • Provide Shade
  • Cold Fresh Water
  • Ice Water
  • Cold fruit – watermelon, grapes, whatever. Slices of watermelon can be placed in the freezer a half hour or hour before placing by the birds
  • Freeze their Feed
  • Ventilate the Coop
  • Keep the Coop Clean (No Deep Litter Method) …
  • Set up a Kiddie Pool (or Mud Puddle)
  • Use Misters (or Sprinklers)

How Hot Is Too Hot for Chickens in A Coop?

Temperatures higher than 90 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for chickens.

Can a Chicken Coop Be In Full Sun?

It depends. Chicken coop might be in the sun if the temperature is mild for sometime, but in heat climates, we do not advice leaving your birds in the sun all through the day.

How Hot Is Too Hot For Silkie Chickens?

Silkies tolerate extreme heat over 80 degrees.

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