Top 15 Best Chicken Coop For Cats & Feral Cats Enclosures

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Getting an outdoor cat house for house cat or feral cat will increase the safety and security of your pet in your backyard.

Here are our top recommendations on the best cat enclosure/cat runs (we also added the best chicken coop for cats too).

Best Chicken Coop For Cats

Our top 10 recommendations as follows:

  • PawHut Large Wooden Outdoor Cat House with Large Run for Play, Catio for Lounging, and Condo Area for Sleeping

This product is great and very simple to assemble. It is perfect for moderate outdoor or consistent indoor usage.


If you want it for extended outdoor use, then you need to reinforce it and weather proof it better.

The ramp is very steep. The locking hardware it comes with is cheap. So, get a better lock and the problem should be solved.

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For flooring, we placed this on a cement slab and would not recommend placing it directly on dirt/grass. That is because you risk damage to the wood at the base when you place on dirt/grass.

I sure did reinforce it with outdoor paint, and built a roof for it and created a tunnel connected to the house so that the cats can move in and out of it freely.

I really loved the combination of open, vertical spaces and interior shelter that this coop design has. There are 3 levels of interior space on there that provides shelter or just a place for your kittens to hide.

The lowest level of the design is great for a litter box although you will need to access it for cleaning, you’ll need to enter the catio via the larger panel.

  • TRIXIE Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat Sanctuary

It took me all of 2 leisurely hours with my handy DeWalt power drill (with screwdriver head) to assemble this excellent unit.


You can either use the back pieces or mount it against your house.

Cats immediately likes it because it is built with them in mind. They will enjoy jumping level to level and feeling the grass under their feet.

I weather-proofed it with another stain as I didn’t want to gamble – yeas, it’s that good. Too good to lose this bad boy to nature’s fierceness.

Best Chicken Coop For Cats

I studied the instructions carefully to make sure everything went together; the pieces themselves are not labelled so you have to compare them to the illustrations provided in the booklet. It came together well, and it looks lovely to boot!

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  • Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House Indoor Cat Cages Enclosures on Wheels,Large Kitten playpen 70.9″ Upgraded with Resting Box,Waterproof Roof

This was fairly easy to put together. But bear in mind, a drill will be required along with an extra pair of hands.

You should also remove it outdoor from the box ASAP as it has a strong odor that needs time to dissipate.


It comes with lots of hardware that requires assembling. The pieces are also visibly marked and it is quite sturdy.

The 4 sliding door locks are cheaply made, and don’t seem to correctly align making it hard to open and close.

You can add in a padded type contact paper to the bottom shelf for water and food dishes so they wouldn’t slide around and be easier to clean a small mess than cleaning the wood.

This is definitely not for larger cats but perfect for small to medium cats.

Aivituvin Outdoor Cat House Indoor

For the price, it serves its purpose. I would not house any parrot-type birds in this, since they like to chew on wood. It would be destroyed quickly, and the paint could be toxic to them.

  • PawHut 71″ x 32″ x 44″ Large Wooden Outdoor Cat Enclosure Catio Cage with 3 Platforms

Some cats will like it, others won’t.


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This turned out to be a great place for my cats to enjoy the outdoors without getting into trouble or running off.

For the price you pay, it is a decent build.

Best Chicken Coop For Feral Cats

Have you ever been fascinated by the idea of having a cat in chicken coop? Here are some of the best multi level chicken coop or cat enclosures:

  • Best Choice Chicken Coop


Although I have heard some negative reviews on this product I found the coop to be of excellent quality. The trick is to make sure the coop is treated with a good outdoor paint or stain. I also raised mine off the ground 4″ by adding a base to it and added some roofing shingles.

  • Esright 81” Large Rabbit Hutch, Large Chicken Coop, Wooden Bunny House, Outdoor Hen Cage with Ventilation Door, Removable Tray and Ramp


It’s the best! Everything I needed. Light enough to move back and forth from the grass and patio. Right door latch seems to be a tad off center so it’s a little harder to close than the other doors but it’s not a big deal for me.

Can You Use A Chicken Coop For Cats?

Yes, you can use a chicken coop or pen for cats as far as it has enough space for them.

Can You Keep A Cat In A Chicken Coop?

Yes, but ensure there are toys in there so they don’t get bored. Plus, DO NOT KEEP THEM WITH YOUR CHICKENS if you don’t want a massacre.

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