FAVOURITES – Best Car Subwoofer for Rock Music [and AMP]

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If you’re like me, and prefer setting having the deepest bass, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best car subwoofer for rock music.

We’ll talks about the many aspects surrounding these thumping car speakers, including power, size, and their enclosure casings.

These are some factors that you need to understand and consider before you decide on the best subwoofer for great bass in your car.

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Without further ado, let’s check out these car subwoofers for deep rock music.

Best Car Subwoofer for Rock Music

As earlier stated, we’ve gone through the most well-known car subwoofer purchases to find the best one for you to buy.

  • Alpine SWR-12D2 Type-Rz – Best Car Subwoofer for Deep Bass

Alpine SWR-12D2


Summary: This subwoofer is a great pick, perfect for serious bass-heads. The duel voice could and 2 ohms are great features. We suggest a reflex case for sound quality as it’s pretty hardcore.

This Alpine speaker is a bare subwoofer. That means you will need to build or source an enclosure for it. It measures 12 inches in diameter and, given the idyllic box, will seriously rock your ride.

The cone is made up of a pulp that has been treated with Kevlar for additional durability and stiffness. The surround is made with trademarked Santoprene.

It sits in a progressive cone spider cast aluminum frame mount. The double 2-ohm voice coils are over-sized, high temperature, and are great quality.

Perfect for great bass pulsations, this car sub features low-frequency response of between 24 and 200 KHz. If you love bass, then this could be the best car subwoofer for you.

It can handle between 300-1000 watts RMS power – 500 per coil. It’s highest peak power goes up to 3000 watts. It’s sensitive to 84.7 decibels.

Its mount depth is 6-3/8 inches and the cut-out diameter 10-7/8 inches.

Most customers have opted for reflex system design enclosures over solid sealed enclosure products to pair with this car audio subwoofer but both report satisfaction.


+ 1000 watts RMS power.

+ Solid and built to take a hit.

+ Deeply bass.

+ Double voice coil and 2 ohm.

+ 3000 watts peak power.

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  • MTX TNE212DV – Best Car Subwoofer for EDM


Summary: The cooling system of this subwoofer is more than great. That means it won’t ever overheat. With this subwoofer, you can be rest assured that your subwoofer will never overheat.

This sub is a complete package that features an MTX loaded car subwoofer sound system.

The produces have made it simple to install and taken care of the headache of finding idyllic enclosure for housing the Terminator subwoofers so they can move with far less power guzzling.

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They can take on 500 watts RMS power, totaling 1000 RMS power at 2000-watt peaks. They also do have a polypropylene dust caps for extra durability and are super lightweight.

They employ a mechanical cooling processor (Spider Plateau Venting) that refreshes the air intake around the coil to make up for the heat build-up.


+ 2000 watts peak.

+ Cooling incorporated.

+ Double 12”.

  • JBL CT-Bass Pro12


Summary: With a rubber surround polypropylene cone and all those watts, this is one of the best car subwoofers for metal and rock. This rubber surround subwoofer provides distortion-free bass at a high output. The housing has been systematically optimized – your car audio will sound incredible.

The JBL CT-Bass Pro12 is already housed in a tailored companion enclosure, that has been optimized for efficiency that produces the clearest bass sounds.

This subwoofer comes with a reflex style enclosure with a patented Slipstream port for reducing turbulence and preventing compromised audio quality.

This 12-inch subwoofer comes with a polypropylene cone with a rubber surround that surrounds and provide a clear resonance dampening. The over-sized duals-stacked magnets boosts the magnetic flux.

The patented GT Bass Progressive Spider controls the cones, allowing high excursion listening.

The subwoofer coils are subject to heat accumulation when used at increased volumes for long hours. JBL has tried to minimize this by adding a vented pole piece, that improves the power handling at low power compression.

This subwoofer has a built-in amplifier running 150 Watts RMS/450peak and remote controls for adjusting the bass accordingly.

The end result? Awesome sounds!


+ Built-in cooling solution

+ Has it’s own amplifier.

+ 450 watts RMS peak.

+ Polypropylene cone – rubber surround.

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  • MTX Audio 5512-44 5500 – Best Car Competition Subwoofer

MTX Audio 5512-44 5500


This is yet another 12” Bass speaker MTX audio is well known for. It boasts of a custom installation and has a double 4-ohm woofer.

It carries MTX’s spider plateau venting to keep the driver cool and lastly noise-free at loud levels. The venting aids keeps warm air away from the voice coil.

This subwoofer harbors an inverted apex surround that is narrower than their common roll surround, allowing a greater surface area for the core.

This lets the subwoofer to displace far more air. Their integrated t-yoke heat-sink is inside the motor structure.

This subwoofer is great and absorbs heat from the voice coil and radiates it out from the back-plate, making for an efficient thermal management technique.

This car subwoofer also allows for simple to connect compression terminals for easier installation.


+ Double 4 Ohm.

+ Thermal management and spider plateau venting.

+ 400W RMS power.

The primary system design aspects (including the voice coils and 4 ohm) makes it deliver exceptional bass frequency responses, with both low and high frequencies.

  • Kicker 8-Inch 300W

Find Lowest Price

Kicker definitely succeeded with producing this excellent speaker, made with good quality components that offers an affordable option to the masses.

This 8-inch subwoofer design makes a wonderful replacement subwoofer. It reaches 300 watts RMS and a peak performance of 600-watt power.

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It boasts of a magnet structure and a 4-ohm dual voice structure. This ability makes power handling and control stress-free.

This subwoofer is great to give you the sound you crave in long car journeys.


+ 600 watts peak.

+ Responsiveness is high.

+ Long Lasting.

+ 300 watts RMS.

+ Dual voice coil.

Why We Liked It – Paired with good sealed enclosure set-ups, this is a great subwoofer for the money.

  • Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

Find Lowest Price

Summary: This Pioneer TS-SW250254 is a shallow mount car subwoofer that is competitively priced at the low end, heavy, solid, and well-made and will provide rattle-free, bass heavy sound.

This 10-inch speaker makes use of a mica-injected resin cone structure that provides greater cone and gasket surface at the same external dimension.

This shallow mount subwoofer has been formed using Pioneer’s flexible MICA injection-molded resin for accurate reproduction of quaking bass. It has a frequency range of 20-125 kHz and all in all, it’s a pretty powerful speaker, especially considering its top-mount depth is just 3-1/8”.

Offering great value for the money, this shallow mount car subwoofer allows you to get creative with your own home builds.


+ Affordably priced.

+ Resin cone.

+ Top mount depth 3-1/8″.

  • Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact

Kenwood KSC-SW11 Compact


Summary: The Kenwood’s KSC-SW11 prefect car stereo is the solution for those with limited space. It’s also for those who aren’t looking for anything overboard that requires mounting, and sucks their batteries dry while it wobbles the windows. It’s great for someone who appreciates a bit of bass in their travel playlist.

This solid and well-constructed subwoofer and its enclosure are powered with its own built-in amplifier, can work well in small/compact spaces and its low profile is mind blowing.

Kenwood’s KSC-SW11 runs at 75Watts RMS power with a maximum of 150 Watts. It also comes with remote bass level control.

Its installation is pretty easy. The device only needed to be connected to your car battery, wiring and grounding to your head unit.

This is one of the more excellent car subwoofer. It makes for one of the tiniest powered bass boxes going.

The power subs deliver bass, rock and metal well despite its smallish size. Personally, I bought two as they have such small footprints and are simple to hide – making for the perfect car stereo system. Now, they don’t move a lot of air and are probably not much of a match for a high-end couple of 12’s, or 10-inch, but they extend the low register and provide a decent bass sounds boost. As this car subwoofer is by Kenwood, in terms of durability, it will last a lifetime.


+ Compact footprint.

+ All in one car audio subwoofer system.

+ Built with high-quality materials.

+ Connect to car battery, grounding and wiring to head units

  • Dual Electronics BP1204

Dual Electronics BP1204


Summary: These are the best car subwoofers for accurate bass response. The built in crossover means it will be easy to add to existing speaker systems. These ones are as great looking as they are sounding.

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Quality and superb studio-level quality are the watchwords of these car subs. They offer a great 12 inches in diameter and have a whopping 1,100 watts’ peak power between them both. Each is 600 watts RMS power at a level of around 4-ohm impedance.

The car subs output capabilities have been boosted, thanks to their specialized tune port that features 2.5 voice coils and cones, brushed with aluminum.

Unrivaled efficiency and unbelievable optimization are some other features of this great sub.

They also have ventilated control circuitry.


+ Dual 12” band pass subwoofers.

+ Carpeted subwoofer enclosure with reinforced construction

+ 600 watts, and 1100 watts’ peak power.

+ Built-in crossover for installation simplicity.

  • Pioneer TS-WX1010A

Summary: This is one of the most affordable subs that lets you enjoy the best sound in your cars. It offers some mean mega bass sounds. It won’t set you back too much. We think sticking to the recommended subwoofer enclosure suggestion will provide excellent car audio. It genuinely is one of the best car subwoofers to buy online.

The design of this subwoofer is excellent. It features an Output Class D amplifier, able to go 300 watts and 1,100 watts’ peak power. It comes with high sensitivity woofers that work best especially in small enclosures – this is what makes these subwoofers so amazing for your car.

It has a variable bass boost of 0 to 12 dB (40Hz to 100 Hz) that offers greater sound control. You can adjust the input gain using the bass remote knob or the input gain control. You’ll find this on the side panel of the enclosure.

The design of this subwoofer is excellent. The trapezoid shape is highly rigid, increasing the flexibility of installation. Speaking of flexibility, you can install them in the cabin, in the front, rear, or under the seats. It doesn’t matter where, as this subwoofer is durable enough for wherever you want to install it.


+ Class D.

+ Has good sound control.

+ 300 watts and 1,100 W Peak Power.

  • Kicker DCWR122

Kicker DCWR122


Summary: This dual subwoofer option is affordable and allows for easy installation. There’s no need for calculations or customization. It offers optimal savage bass pulsations effectively out of the box.

The last on our list is this 12-inch dual subwoofer enclosure from Kicker, a company that is taking the subwoofer industry by surprise.

The enclosure itself is a front-facing reflex design with a tuned port. It has been factory built and tuned. The construction is high-quality. The tuning of the enclosure provides an even better bass response. It is high density carpeted MDF.

It houses 2 x 12-inch subwoofers, each capable of 1,000 Watts at an OHMS impedance of 2 ohms, totaling a tremendous 2,000 Watt peak RMS. It has solid brass terminals and makes for an easy install.


+ 2,000 Watts peak.

+ All in one option.

+ Installation is simple.

These are all the worthy sub’s that made it onto our best car subwoofer for rock music review! Let us know what you think

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