[MY EXPERIENCE] with the Best Brinsea Incubator Reviews

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I have heard plenty of talks about the brinsea incubators and so I decided to try out the many differenty types and write a personal Brinsea incubator review today.

Here are the products that I tested:

  • Brinsea Mini, Maxi, and Ovation Advance, Ovation Ex
  • Hovabator
  • Incuview
  • Janell
  • Nuture Right

Note: Almost all of these incubators need two hands to open which leaves gripping the top with one hand while my other hand does the grab.

If I drop the unit at this time, the chicks die (except for the Hovabator and Little Giant).

I hope someone from Brinsea finds this review and convinces the company to  attach handles to their products, especially NutureRights and Brinseas.

Best Brinsea Incubator Reviews

  • Mini II Advance and Maxi II Advance

What it gets right


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  • Simple to clean
  • Has only few pinch points
  • You can add water without lifting the lid, which seems like a no-brainer but not all incubators offer this
  • A clear-to-view screen and cheer the hatchlings.
  • It’s affordable
  • The part you should not get wet is in the lid, separate from the part the hatchlings dirty.
  • Great hatch rates.

What it gets wrong

It has a low-contrast tiny display panel that might require you to use light to read if your eye isn’t that strong. If your eyesight is bad, this might drive you nuts.

The humidity goes up when they hatch, which is normal, but there is no way to vent the excess.

The handle. Look up our comment about the handle above.

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VBest Brinsea Incubator Reviews

  • Ovation Advance

What it gets right


  • High hatch rates
  • Easy to view what’s inside and cheer on the hatchlings
  • Avoid getting the lid wet
  • Affordable pricing with a quality product.
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What it gets wrong

A dark low-contrast display panel that requires using ligh to read if you suffer from a bad eyesight. I read it fine though.

Unable to add water without lifting the lid unless you make use of a syringe and drip the water into a hole in the lid.

It’s a bit hard to clean – I had to unscrew the lid components to get all the fuzz out after a hatch.

See above complaint about handles.

  • Ovation EX

What it gets right


  • Excellent hatch rates
  • Has an automatic humidity control. You just set it up and forget
  • Avoid getting the lid wet, separate from the part of the hatchlings dirty.
  • Easy to see inside and cheer on the hatchlings.

What it gets wrong

Dark low-contrast tiny display panel that I have to get right on top of and use a light to read.

Really difficult to clean. I have to unscrew the lid components to get all the fuzz out after a hatch. For this reason, I don’t hatch in my Brinseas; I move all the eggs to my HovaBator for hatching.

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The Brinsea Ex 28 and 56 with Automatic Humidity control are amongst my favorites! They hold temperature and humidity at the levels I set them to and turn the eggs on schedule.

I get fabulous hatch rates and have slowly sold off all other incubators and upgraded to the Ex models.

How to Clean Brinsea Incubator

Use vinegar, ammonia and bleach to clean then air dry in the sunlight.

I have also trued activated oxine which kills everything (virus, bacteria, fungus, and other pathogens). It is perfect for incubators.

If you do decide to use oxine, then you need to get the activator which is citric acid. And don’t get any electronics wet.

Another great way of cleaning is using a vacuum. If you have a vacuum attachment, vacuum out your incubator.

Where Are Brinsea Incubators Made?

Brinsea Incubators are made in Britain.

Author: Howard S. Baldwin

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