What is the Best Ball Hockey Goalie Sliders? SEE HERE!

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Rollerfly, ReasonY Hockey Sliders and the Slick Sheets are of great quality and economical. We have also added a way to modify already existing pads to make them slide more.

Best Ball Hockey Goalie Sliders

  • Rollerfly Goalie Slide Plates for Inline or Ball Hockey

Good product slides really well. Add to buy some industrial Velcro to install de bottom part but the straps still work just as fine!

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These bad boys are complete game-changers. I was able to get to shots that I had never been able to stop previously.

Rollerfly Goalie Slide Plates for Inline

My knees also don’t hurt after games anymore. I was playing 1 game a night before and after getting this, I began playing 3 and 4 games a night.

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  • Modified Pad

Industrial Strength Velcro

This is a cheap solution. You can put the Velcro up the insides of your pads, using the loop side of the Velcro.

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It works amazing! You can definitely push from side to side. You can use these pads for floor hockey and roller hockey.

I hear silicone works but leaves a mess on the wheels (and floor). So, I prefer industrial strength Velcro. It works!

Slippery Tape

Slippery tape is much cheaper and you can apply a bit to your pads so that you are able to do some stretch out kick saves from the butterfly.


You can get the thin stuff or go with the thicker stuff.

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Glide Tape & Silicone Spray

You can go this route if you will be playing on a sports court. I’ve been playing roller with the puck with ice hockey pads for plenty of years.


You can use glide tape and sometimes use silicone spray on the pads. Avoid using Teflon, it will rub off on the floor and you’ll lose traction if you’re on wheels.

Silicone bonds are better to the leather giving a little slide.

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