What is the Best Ball Hockey Goalie Equipment? SEE HERE!

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If money isn’t an issue here then I’d recommend picking at least one of the ball hockey goalie equipment recommended here.

They don’t cost much, less than 300 bucks, with some having price tags of less than a hundred bucks.

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Best Ball Hockey Goalie Equipment

Aside from owning a Kenesky (very pricey but are top-notch) , the following are what I would consider:

  • Brian’s Deluxe Street Hockey Goalie Box Set

This kit is durable and great for movements.

It comes with a trapper that is reinforced with thumb and wrist guards for extra protection.


The blocker comes with the highest coverage including side hand protection.

The chest protector is well padded with closed-cell foam to effectively absorb most impact.

Goalie mask includes a chrome metal cage and 5-point fully adjustable backplate

  • Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 100 Goalie Set – Junior

This goalie set is a great fit and durable too. Both my 9-year-old and 7-year-old can wear these and my 9-year-old is on the taller side.


They have been loving it even after 8 months. Still good as new.

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  • Street Goal Kit

Aesthetically pleasing, this street goal kit comes with Goalie Pads, Blocker, Catch mitt and Chest protector.


It has a durable body construction is built for long-lasting.

Best Ball Hockey Goalie Equipment

  • Franklin Sports Team Licensed Street Hockey Goalie Equipment Set – S/M Goalie Pads Catch Glove & Blocker – NHL Official Licensed Product

These are worth every penny spent. Just imagine the smile on your grandkids face as they unpack this beautiful, durable, and effective goalie kit.


I just wished they were made easier to put on.

  • Franklin Sports NHL SX Competition 100 Junior Goalie Set

This is a great kit set, that works with or without skate. The glove is a little tight but will loosen overplay.


Just as described. Great value for the money!

  • Freeman Industries Street Hockey Goalie Pad, Glove and Mask

I’d say it’s quite good for its price.

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It works well and spots a beautiful design.

  • Road Warrior 22″ Street Hockey Goalie Set | Goalie Equipment for Street Hockey | Goalie Pads | Hockey Equipment

This is great gear for road hockey and pond hockey. The chest protector has little to no padding to absorb shots but the overall quality is good.


6yr old – 4’2” Great fit

8yr old – 4’5” good fit (not next year)

Found helmet a bit small (probably won’t fit either next year). The kids love it!

  • Road Warrior 27 Inch Street Hockey Goalie Set

This one is good for casual play. The gear has been put to the test and is well used.


Overall, this is a good product for a young man starting out as a goalie.

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