The Best 750mm Wide Radiator for the MONEY

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Are you looking to replace your 750mm wide radiator in the bathroom and need a couple of suggestions?

Well, we’ve got you covered, even if you don’t want a towel rail. Let’s get right to the subject the, shall we?

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The Best 750mm Wide Radiator for the MONEY

Not all radiators come in that width; so I understand your struggle. It’s definitely an old imperial size and the best one out there is the Myson Premier HE 743mm Wide rad.

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The Best 750mm Wide Radiator for the MONEY

  • Myson premier HE 743mm wide.

This comes highly recommended by a lot of people (including me). You can shop on Amazon or you could speak to a local plumber merchant. A decent one can get you one of these ASAP.

It is available in the following heights: 390, 530 and 690mm.

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Myson may be pricey but they can be congratulated in still offering a range of (some) imperial sizes.

They have proven to useful for replacements when it is hard to fit a different size.

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