3 Benefits of Document Cameras in The Classroom

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The many benefits of document cameras in the classroom include:

  • It is cost-effective in the long run
  • Allows the students learn easier and faster
  • Make small items appear bigger and lots more

Over the ages, the use of classroom technology has evolved over the last 10 years, and even has new additions.

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What is a Document Camera?

Document cameras are the 21st century replacement for transparency projectors. Simply put – they allow you to project documents – and anything else – digitally.

How cool is that?

Benefits of Document Cameras in The Classroom

It makes the teacher-learner process so much easier with less work and improved performance The need for costly handouts is reduced. That in turn help to save paper and cash. Document cameras allow students to see a text or an object clearly from anywhere in the classroom, which is important for comprehension and understanding.


And so much more!

In layman’s terms, a document camera is a unique web camera that projects images of objects and documents sharp, crisp and clear to a display, touchscreen panel, or other devices that supports it.

The Clear Touch document camera features a flexible multidimensional neck, built-in microphone, built-in LED lighting, and wireless connectivity to provide teaches the highest flexibility in the classroom.

Some document camera’s even come preinstalled with a lite version Clear Touch Canvas™, our premier infinite whiteboard software.

This device does not look to replace books and other physical objects. Instead, it uses physical objects and books to amplify the educational process by providing the teachers the ability to work with these using digital technology.

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