[MY EXPERIENCE] Beetles Gel Polish Reviews

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These gels are significantly stronger than the majority of other gels on the market. The colors are incredibly vibrant and daring!

You only need two coats rather than four or five as some brands require.

The candy-colored shades in this Beetles Gel Polish Kit in Macaroon transport me back to my Lisa Frank-obsessed youth, and reviewers confirm that the pigments are just as vibrant in person as they are i

n photographs.

For approximately two weeks, the polishes will retain their hard, glossy finish.


A word of caution: These bottles are extremely small at 5 milliliters (about 10 milliliters less than a standard nail polish bottle).

However, keep in mind that you’re getting 12 of them for the price of a single salon gel manicure.

Beetles is a brand that I adore. It’s excellent quality and extremely affordable. Without a doubt, ideal for a beginner.

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My Experience – Beetles Gel Nail Polish Kit with U V Light

I just received my first ever at-home gel set and lamp – beetle gels! Because this was my first attempt at making my own gels, I had low expectations.

However, they cured beautifully, the gel is a good consistency to work with, and you get a lot of colors for your money. I needed only two coats of color to achieve a nice solid color.

Additionally, I’m quite impressed with the ‘no wipe’ top coat, which left no tacky residue whatsoever.

The only drawback, in my opinion, is that the bottles are black with the color printed on a small sticker on top.

Because the colors on the stickers do not correspond exactly to the contents of the bottles, it can be difficult to decide on the colors/combinations you want unless you have a small swatch set of plastic nails (which I do not).

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Top tip: You probably don’t need as much gel on your brush as you believe. It cures best when applied in thin coats.

Beetles Gel Polish Reviews

My Neighbor; Jeanna Review:

So, I’ve recently purchased several sets from them and have been quite pleased with each of them—although I’m not a fan of the base coat.

Only when I used the beetles base coat did it chip quickly, so I went back to pretty diva or asp. I adore the orange and grey/black tones in the fall wedding set—they create a very shimmery, almost cat eye effect in my opinion.

The witches brew set includes two exquisite purples. Additionally, I adore the lamp that came with a beginner kit I purchased. It features timers of 30, 60, and 120 seconds, as well as a sensor that detects whether your hand is inside or not. Kindly notify me if you have any questions about a particular set; if I have it, I may be able to assist you!

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Edit: Because the gel is relatively thick, it takes practice to avoid flooding your cuticles. Simply begin with a small amount of polish and add more if necessary. Additionally, it is acceptable to have multiple coats.

Finally, the beetles’ boxes state that it becomes thicker during the winter—which is absolutely true.

Is Beetles Gel Polish Good?

Perfect for beginners, Beetles is of great quality and super inexpensive.

How to Remove Beetles Gel Polish

Use a cuticle pusher to gently push an edge of the gel off of the natural nail to pull off and take away the gel that is not lifting at all.

Then soak for an extra 5-10 minutes.

Is Beetles Gel Polish Cruelty-Free?

Yes, beetles nail polish are free from more than 9 toxins.

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