List of Bad Boy Buggy Problems & SOLUTIONS

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Bad Boy Buggy is typically used most times for hunting; they are the ideal hunting vehicle; bad Boy Buggy was majorly designed for the sole purpose of outdoor activities.

Ban boy buggies are made by Bad Boy Enterprise based in Natchez.

It doesn’t matter the type of bad Boy Buggy you go for; it will always be the right vehicle for your outdoor activities.

The bad boy buggy is fitted with a four-wheel drive and two motors; it has a storage area for you to store your equipment, and again, it is designed to be accidental friendly; that is, it has no harmful impact on the environment.

This vehicle was created to meet the innate need of hunters, which is to enter the hunting arena with as little noise as possible so as not to scare off game animals from the arena when the hunter gets there.

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List of Bad Boy Buggy Classic Faults

Some list of bad Boy Buggy Classic Faults are:

  1. Bad Boy BB-AMS4 is not going forward at all, but it will go in reverse after pressing the switch, turning off and on the key. After letting go of the accelerator, it will be repeated repeatedly.
  2. Evil Boy bugger having limited charge time.
  3. Have problems with travelling over long distances
  4. Bad Boy Classic 2012 with a lousy battery problem and bad Relay
  5. Bad Boy Bugger key switch problem
  6. 2016 Bad Boy Recoil IS crew
  7. 2016 Baby Boy Buggy Ambush not cranking or turning over in gas mode, it won’t go forward, and backward in electric mode, parking brake came loose, no headlight light, front right cv shaft popping
  8. Ban boy buggy not going forward or in reverse
  9. The bad boy is having a significant throttle problem
  10. Bad Boy Buggy is not running and breaking the steering assembly.
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Plus and Minus of Bad Boy Buggies

Some of the plus of having a bad boy buggy include:

  • Using bad boy for hunting makes it easier for you to catch game unawares. You drive close past a deer as close as 40 yards without being detected.
  • The Buggy’s silent operation is familiar to golfers, but when compared to the gas engines found on other quads, the stealthy ride is a true eye-opener. The Bad Boy Buggy isn’t speedy; its top speed is around 22 mph. However, the combined 31-hp drivetrain has a lot of low-end torque. At full speed, it can comfortably carry two riders on the bench seat and drag them through muddy trail conditions if necessary.
  • The Bad Boy Buggy is easy to drive thanks to an electronic accelerator pedal and rack and pinion steering.
  • When ascending steep slopes or lifting things, the Buggy’s torque delivery is constant and intense, and the Regen braking is equally impressive, making the return ride downhill safe and easy.
  • It’s great not to have to buy gas. The full-time, genuine four-wheel-drive system performs admirably, and these Bad Boy Buggers are equipped with that.

some Cons of having the Bad Boy Buggy include:

  • It can take up to eight hours to fully recharge batteries that have been s drained significantly.
  • Very costly to replace batteries when the batteries are damaged, and the steering is too tight.
  • Have a terrible run time and is extremely expensive to fix
  • Backfired Ambush that can’t be fixed
  • Bad Boy is always having problems with electrical connections and poor construction.
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Bad Boy Buggy Problems

Why Is My Bad Boy Buggy Losing Power?

Bad Boy Buggy might be losing power for several reasons, and some of these reasons are:

  • Loose connections
  • Sensors in the accelerator ports are reading different values; all you need to do to fix that is fix the potentiometer.
  • When cranking the engine, check for voltage at the little start wire on the starter—you’ll need assistance. If there is no voltage, the neutral safety switch on the trans shifter may be faulty. You have an automatic trans, I assume.
  • If this is the case, try cranking in neutral.
  • If the starter solenoid is clicking, tap it with a hammer a couple of times. Replace the brushes in the starter, which costs around $20.00, or buy a new rebuilt starter, which costs around $90.00, if it rolls over a little.
  • You look under the floor mat, immediately behind the gas pedal, at the “gas pedal” box. The microswitches and potentiometer that control the power to your controller are most likely placed here.

Why My Bad Boy Buggy Won’t Go Forward Or Reverse

Some reasons why your Bad boy buggy won’t go forward or reverse may likely be due to electrical faults, Batteries, solenoids, etc.

Some of the things to do to fix these issues of buggy not moving forward or reversing include:

  • If this box floods and shorts out, your cart might do what it’s doing. A multimeter will come in handy when DXing this. Please pick up an electric cart for $15 or $20 before you even bother to find out how to use it.
  • Look in the pedal box after opening the floor. F&R wiring and solenoid wiring difficulties plagued the classics.
  • Look for one or both of the significant blue controllers right under the inspection cover flashing an LED someplace, generally a click and nothing (or a motor goes but not the other) you’ll notice one or both flashing an error code, the most common of which being MOSFET Short Circuit. Because the new ones are not designed to accept the older ones, it entails replacing the defective controller(s) and purchasing an improved pedal assembly.
  • Until the pedal is depressed, the Bad Boy is not intended to move. ALL of them, whether Sevcon (blue controllers) or Navitas (green controllers) (the newer ones). The solenoid (s) are activated first, then the controller(s) are powered and the pedal is signaled to go. There isn’t a micro switch on the pedal like on a TXT or similar device. The key switch activates the entire system.
  • If you turn the key on with the F/R in any position other than Neutral, some won’t even turn on and will throw a fault. Every BBB is different, the company is antagonistic to non-dealer mechanics (who wants to sell their junk anyway? ), and schematics are either non-existent or rare. The cost of parts is frequently three times higher.
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