Why is My Baby Squirrel Dragging Back Legs/Front Legs/Hind Legs?

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Did you just see a baby squirrel dragging back legs or front legs in your yard and want to help it? We have a few suggestions that might help.

Why is My Baby Squirrel Dragging Back Legs?

A squirrel dragging his hind leg is a clear sign of paralysis caused by a fall or an accident.

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Try to “pinch” his back legs (i.e. pain) and watch how he reacts. If the legs will eventually work then he should feel this pain and move them a bit.

Does he poop/pee OK? If so, you might want to adopt him because it won’t survive for long in the wild. Can’t adopt him? Then you need to euthanize him and end his suffering.

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Baby Squirrel Dragging Back Legs

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If you walk the adoption route then you should make special housing for him. If he is in overall great health aside the legs then you could find a home for him.

Lastly, in addition to the loss of its legs, there may be internal bleeding. Euthanasia might be the most sensible humane thing to do in that case, but that requires capturing the animal or using a shovel.

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