How to Fix Autopilot Salt Cell Low Amps QUICK

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Your autopilot salt cell low amps suggest that your cell is wearing out. A great way to double check is to do a test Auto Pilot on the menu and read the volts and amps readings.

Another thing to do is to open up the cell and look at the corners of the cell plates. A cell that is wearing out will have the corners worn away on many areas of the plates.

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How to Fix Autopilot Salt Cell Low Amps

  • Solution One

Check the menus, you will find a force reverse there. It is quite possible that your cell is worn out in a single direction, but still works in the other direction.

  • Solution Two

You should activate the cell by simply pressing the BOOST button, then let it run a couple of minutes before doing a TEST POOL PILOT.

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High volts and low amps are typical signs of a bad cell cord or bad cell.

The Low amps and low volt can be a blown cell fuse which you will find at the top left corner of the circuit board, or a bad power module (the whole circuit board).

We recommend checking the rest of your fuses while you have the top covers off.

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  • Solution Three

Does the autopilot run your pump? Try this – Press PUMP and you should see an arrow Up to start and arrow Down for maintenance.

If that is the case, then your problem is a damaged power module.

  • Solution Four

At times, it might not be a faulty tech part. It could just be low salt levels. Have you tested your salt levels lately? If your salt is actually low then you might see their results too.

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