Automatic Pool Cover Sliders – How to Build Yourself!

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Are you tired of spending so much money on automatic pool cover sliders every year and would like to build your very own for almost half the price? Welcome! We’ll be sharing with you how to build your own automatic pool cover sliders.

How Build Your Own Pool Cover Sliders that work Automatically

To build the plastic blocks that the leading edge of the pool cover slides on, you will need:

Black UHMW Tivar CNC Polyethylene UV Mill Plastic Sheet Plate .500″ x 12″ x 24″ (I got one on Ebay (BUY ON EBAY) but they’re available on Amazon too).

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Why this Plastic?

Because it has a promised strength with a low coefficient of friction and costs only $41 – You also enjoy up to 5 free cuts. I requested that they cut it by a 12x 24 .5-inch piece into 2.25 inch x24 strips.

Once it arrived, I proceeded to thin one edge on my table saw, like the original. I had no need to thin the other areas. Next, I cut a grove of the same width and depth as the original.

I then sliced my strip into correct lengths on a stroll saw. I used the original template to drill holes, but only the ones I needed for my setup (I guess they add additional holes for so they are worldwide and can be adjusted as you like).

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The original are tapered along the outer edge so I only applied taper to the place where it slid under the cover.

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Automatic Pool Cover Sliders

How did I do this?

I did it on a table top sander (CHECK ON AMAZON). I was able to replace the old sliders and was able to use all the original screws. In my situation, I could do without the underneath countersinks so I didn’t make them.

After opening and closing it a couple of times, the clover seems to glide juts fine – Eureka! Now, of course durability is the key here.

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At the moment, I cut one of my 5 strips and I have enough sliders to last 4 years and enough material to last UP TO 20 YEARS if they last as long as the originals for less than the cost of one pair.


The end result works great all season. I will update here if there is any fail or an issue.

I hope this helps someone!

If all this seems too much for you and you don’t want no DIY thingy, you can buy Automatic Pool cover sliders on AMAZON HERE.

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