Atlanta Stove Works Model 27 – HOW TO REVIVE & Alternatives

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The Atlanta stove works model 27 are good little stoves. However, I would not spend money on it if I had to buy one. I would invest in a modern stove instead.

I bought an old house for remodeling and this stove was in its fireplace. It was able to help heat the house but it consumes a lot of wood in the process. In terms of air tightness, I don’t see a way to deal with that quite well. I was able to put some furnace cement in the seams to help the tightness but there were still areas where the air will simply come right in.


These stoves aren’t made or intended to be airtight (one of why I wouldn’t spend money on them). That being said, it is easy to start and get a daft in with its N/S design. Loading is as simple as ABC too. Have fun heating your cabin with this!

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Note: These stoves aren’t built for long lasting burns. But the longest burns I have achieved is when I put the round on top of a big bed of coals and stuffed it with lots of smaller splits around it as I could. The big round will burn longer and the smaller splits will keep the fire going.

You will have coals in there and may be able to re-start without needing a match for up to around 5-6 hours tops. I originally blow a fan into one side of it to go around the back and harvest as much heat as possible from the inside the masonary fireplace it was in. I never found a manual for it.

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Good luck and have fun heating with it!

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I have an Old One, How to Restore it?

Generally, I skip the WD40 and steel wool and get a tube of black stove polish. It’s basically cheap and simple to put on with a rag. You simply apply it on some minor rust and that should penetrate and cover it. Once that dries out, you should leave it matter black or continue to polish it with a dry rag for glossy look. Do some break in fires outside to get rid of the smell before bringing it into the house!

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For sand, some homeowners recommend using it to keep the stove’s bottom safe from cracking. I added furnace cement to the seams and it did not seem to make a great deal of difference in how these stoves burns (as they are not made to be airtight.

The only thing I would be afraid of is taking it completely appart. I didn’t do it in fear that the long bolts that hold it together would snap and I wouldn’t be able to find replacements. I did replace some of the shorter bolts on it.

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Atlanta Stove Works Model 27

What is a 1920 Atlanta stove works model 27 worth?

It is worth about $250.

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