Arkus Chicken Coop Review [vs Solway, Doodlehouse]

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Arkus chicken coops are easy to clean, compact and stylish. Most importantly secure for our little hens against the foxes when free ranging. It is eco-friendly too and I owned the medium Arkus for a good few year now and it’s still as good as new. Much better than some competitors out there.

It is safe and warm and will last forever, haha. The prices are excellent alongside an excellent service. I am quite impressed, and would happily recommend these guys!


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Arkus Chicken Coop Review

I am writing this review for anyone in the UK who are looking at the ARKUS recycled plastic coops.

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The delivery and dispatch were quick.

The Perches:

The coop are plastic and are easy to clean. The perches are lower than my wooden coop perches.

I also noticed ARKUS perches are far too wide for chickens and because chickens typically feel safer in higher perches, mine never used the perches but were happy sleeping and playing in the coop.

The Nest Boxes

The main problem with the nest boxes is two-fold. Firstly, the divider between the 2 nest boxes is tiny. This should, and in best practice with any coop I have had, go to the ceiling or near enough.

The second aspect I didn’t like is the lip between the nest box and the rest of the coop. The lip is around 5cm in depth which provides no opportunity for natural “nest” that a chicken would lay eggs in and in fact the nest boxes are not used and when hens do use this coop (rather than their the other coop in the run they use for sleeping, a wooden coop with proper perches) they lay eggs in the main body of the coop.

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The build feels a bit filmsy to me. The plastic construction material is about 10mm thick and the entrance ramp is not built to support the weight of larger breeds of birds. This, in my opinion, is not a chicken coop and has serious flaws, primarily the nest boxes and perches which given the close proximity to floor litter will increase the chances of pests, mites and diseases.

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I would recommend getting this instead: ALTERNATIVES

Arkus v Solway v Doodlehouse

The Arkus coop, (for 6-8 hens) is not at all thin, in fact the plastic is very thick and extremely robust.

The doodlehouse mimi is the best looking coop for your garden, it’s well built and easy to take apart to clean. On the downside the perches aren’t good, I believe the perches in the max version are better but I’ve had to modify mine to be more fit for purpose.

Solway arks are very heavy and needs to be washed with a big industrial steam cleaner and jet wash.

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