Are Lesbian Ducks Normal? Behavior Explained!

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Lesbian ducks is a common phrase used to refer to the process of a female duck stepping on another female on the pond, or on land.

Rest assured, your ducks aren’t lesbians and this behavior is quite common in ducks than you think.

It is all about dominance and establishing or keeping the pecking order. I would look away unless one of them gets injured.

Lesbian Ducks

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Are Your Ducks Lesbians? Behavior Explained!

Waterfowl will “mate” with another same sex flock member if there is no opposite sex flock members to mate with.

Ducks typically will not mind and even if they do have an opposite sex mate, sometimes they may make moves to complete a same sex flock mate anyway.

Last year, I was given two male ducks and guess what? They did mate all months this year unitl I got females last month.

Same thing with my neighbor’s geese. She has three geese and there are no ganders in the mix and the females were “mating” with each other all spring.

Can Muscovy Ducks Go Lesbian?

No, they cannot.

The behavior you see is a common thing. So, don’t worry. It is the pecking order and the top duck in the flock letting them know who is boss.

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