Are Peacocks Aggressive to Humans, Birds & Cats? FIND OUT!

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Peacocks and peahen are not aggressive but friendly, too friendly at times, haha. Sometimes, I wish they would leave me alone… LOL.

Sometimes, people misunderstand their behaviors for aggressiveness, but isn’t that what humans typically do?

Imagine this, you just laid some eggs and then you see an intruder step close, in the direction of your eggs with intentions of taking it away, what would you do? Of course, it’s obvious. You would put up a fight!

So, although peafowls aren’t aggressive, they CAN become aggressive towards “perceived threats”.

Heck, even the calmest human will go nuts if cornered or threatened.

Lastly, mating may appear aggressive at times but it really is not. The girls also don’t seem to like it – but we all know it must happen.

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With that being said, I have found the Inidanblue to be friendly even when they have a clutch of eggs. The Green on the otherhand can act like little cute jerks when it’s mating season…. SO, BEWARE!

Hope this helps!

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Are Peacocks aggressive

Are Peacocks Aggressive?

  • To humans

Although peacocks aren’t aggressive, they’ll attack a “perceived threat” even if that threat is a human being. So do not try to pet it too much in general.

Peahens are females and will attack humans if you go near its eggs and I have found this behavior pretty natural.

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Peacocks will also defend the young ones once hatched too.

are peacocks aggressive to humans

Peacocks are the male one and peahens are the female counterpart.

  • Birds

I have never seen a peacock attack birds. Instead, they will protect them as far as they’re part of the flock.

Peacocks will not attack other birds unless provoked, and that rarely happens, if it ever happened at all.

  • Chickens

No, they won’t attack chickens. Peacocks are quite good at breaking fights between roosters.

  • Dogs

A peacock will put up a fight and defend its home if a dog is trying to attack it, steal its eggs or threaten the flock.

  • Cats

Cats at times might try to snack on peafowl’s. A peacock will not wait for this to happen and will instinctively protect its young in the face of danger.

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What To Do If A Peacock Attacks?

If he’s going to be aggressive to or your flock, you boot him out of the flock.

If he is a strange one (or isn’t familiar with you), I recommend running away and moving into a safe/secure place.

Has A Peacock Ever Killed Anyone?

Yes, there are many incidents where they attacked and killed their owner.

Are Peacocks Mean?

NO! But, Peacocks CAN become aggressive, despite their reputation to the contrary. They are usually docile unless threatened.

When is Peacock Mating Season in Florida?

Mating season begins between February when the peacock tail feathers are grown out. The eggs appear 15-30 days after mating. Peachicks sometimes hatch as early as April or May and as late as August.

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