Hayward Aquavac 650 vs Dolphin M600 vs Polaris 9650IQ

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AquaVac 650 vs 600

Here is a quick summary of the AQUAVEC 600 VS 650 in table form.

AquaVac 600 AquaVac 650
Lacks WiFi ability WiFi with app control
Cleaning modes:

Full and floor-only

Cleaning modes:

Full, floor-only and water-line only


Every 48 hrs


Every 2 days  + Programmable weekly schedule

Non-programmable white display light Programmable display light with multiple colors and themes
Caddy: yes Caddy: yes
Manual spot cleaning: no Manual spot cleaning: yes (via app)

The extra features are what sets the two pool cleaners apart. Whichever one you choose will still give you excellent cleaning performance.


Hayward Aquavac 650 Review

I recommend getting the Dolphin M600 or the Polaris 9650IQ which is easy to use, has a proper large filter, connects to the internet, and has user friendly instead. There are about the same price as the 650 and worth it.

My personal experience with the Aquavac 650 has been a bad one. For starters, their markting of the filter feature has been false. The unit does no capture any fine dirt.

Can you imagine that? This is a unit that costs almost 2K grand. The internal screening is far too wide to capture dirt. The unit simply blows the dirt back into the pool and within an hour the pool is dirty again.

Aquavac 650 vs 600

Next, this unit does not work as described in adverts. It is supposed to return to the surface but the tug system does not work and after calling Hayward and having a 15 minute talk with them, they acknowledged that they are aware of this and did not know when a solution fix (apparently software) would be available.

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Further, the software control does lacks a timer to understand how long a clean will take. The base of the unit is cheaply made too. The instructions also discourage use when chemicals are in pool and not to use the unit when the pool is extremely dirty such as during pool openings.

Now, ask yourself this, what is the point of a pool cleaner that does not clean the pool?  I was able to I retur the unit and went back to the latest WIFI Polaris 9650IQ which is easy to use, has a proper large filter, connects to the internet, and has user friendly. I also bought the the Dolphin M600 for a friend and it’s been wonderful too. It has its issues as well, mostly app related but it did a great job cleaning the pool, collected all the fine dirt the 650 couldn’t collect. It’s the same price as the 650 and worth it.

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