How to Fix Jandy Aquapure No Flow & Cell Reversing Issue

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Are you battling with Jandy Aquapure no flow cell reversing problem? We have a solution for you!

Quick Fix: Clean the filter. Check the skimmers and pump strainer baskets for debris too. If these two aren’t the culprit and you are getting nice strong return pressure, then you should check the flow sensor cable to see if it has gotten pulled out or cut.

You will find a button on the daughter board that you can push to reset the sensor. In other words, once you push the button, the salinity sensor will be recalibrated. As soon as the unit comes on line, about 4 minutes, push and hold that button until the flow light on the board comes back on.

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Aquapure No Flow

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How to Fix Jandy Aquapure No Flow Cell Reversing Issue

NO flow means that the flow sensor (also known as trisensor since it measures flow, temperature and salinity) is not getting the flow required to operate (approximately 24 gpm) or it thinks it is not getting the flow.

If you have replaced the cell (While replacing the cell, make sure that the arrow on the unit is pointing WITH the flow of the water and it should be in the direction the pool water is flowing) then I doubt that is the cause of the error. Have you backwashed it too? Check the pressure gauge on your filter and make sure you do not need to backwash a second time.

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Ensure that the water in the pool is high enough, the pump and skimmer baskets are clean and there is no air in the system coming into the pump basket.

Air in the system can trigger this error as well. If you own many speed pumps, you may need to set the RPM’S for a higher level. IF all of this checks out then you need to clean the flow sensor.

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YOu will see the gray cord and follow it to the piece. ONLY use a scotchbrite pad and clean the paddle. Sometimes it can get a film or crust on it that prevents a reading. If this does not fix the problem then you will need to replace it. This is a common replacement item. Part number R0511900

How to TrooubleShoot No Flow Issue

To clear away the No “Cell On” Indicator from your system, do the following:

  • Ensure “chlorine production” setting is not set to “00%.” Adjust to desired percentage.
  • Clean and/or unblock cell as required.
  • Plug in the “flow/temp/salinity” sensor.

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