AquaComfort vs Hayward Heat Pump [REAL PEOPLE COMPARISON]

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Like many out there, I was initially torn between getting a Hayward heat pump and an AquaComfort heat pump.

However, I ended up getting Hayward while my sister got the AquaComfort. We decided to try them out individually and share our experience with it here today. This is after one year of use.

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AquaComfort vs Hayward Heat Pump

I own the 140K BTU Hayward and this is the second full season this year with it, and so far, it’s been AMAZING. I noticed only 4-5-degree temperature difference on the water from the heater, and that is darn perfect!


It does a fantastic job at keeping my pool at my intended temperature. My experience with iot has kept me happy.

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My only recommendation is to use it with a solar blanket (BUY ON AMAZON).

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AquaComfort vs Hayward Heat Pump

My sister owns an AquaComfort model and she too has given great comments with it. She is really happy with it and has had it for about the same time that I have. She owns two speed pump and the heater does run on the low speed.

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She keeps hers at 85 and this heater does a sweet job at getting the water back up to 85. She uses a solar cover, and during the cooler nights of winter, it will drop down to around 80. The complaint she’s had so far is the high level of condensation, so do think about the drainage issue when you go to install.

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