[REAL EXPERIENCE] Aquabot Rapids 4wd Reviews

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The first time trying out this aquabot rapids 4wd actually won me over. It picked up lots of sand/dust/dirt off the floor of the pool as fast as I expected. My friends were impressed as well, as this thing did a much better job than the Polaris 380. However, I do notice that it doesn’t pick up all of the dirt from all of the little creases in the liner. My hypothesis is that that is because the dirt was just caked to the pool’s bottom.

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There are two other versions – The supreme and Extreme

Supreme – It performs better than the extreme and is recommended for fiberglass. It is recommended for floors walls while

Extreme – It does partial walls and comes with 1-year warranty.

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Aquabot Rapids 4wd Reviews


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Aquabot Rapids 4wd Reviews

It cleans everything, and is built to last a long time and provide the best in its budget range. It features some deep cleaning options and it is cheap. So far, I have seen nothing wrong with this build.


  • Cleans floors and walls
  • Built pretty well and is eye-catching
  • It is automatic and needs no supervision
  • Top loading filter bag is much less messy
  • Short 2-3-hour cycle
  • Very light, makes removing it from a pool easier.
  • Brush and power washing feature are top notch
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Works best for in-ground pool only

It’s a bit pricey.

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