Acid Magic Vs Muriatic Acid -SAFER? FIND OUT!

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Acid magic and muriatic are basically the same thing but Acid magic has buffering agents and less impurities. It can be used in pools to increase the PH. Muriatic acid is an industrial version of hydrochloric acid.

Magic acid (BUY ON AMAZON) features less impurities and a buffering agent that cannot burn skin. Plus, it features 90% less fumes. But be careful, that stuff should be handles with care and avoid mixing bit with anything else.


  • It features less fumes (90% lesser) than Muriatic acid
  • Has little to no corrosion caused by fumes
  • It won’t burn your skin if it comes in contact with skin
  • Eco-friendly
  • 1 to 1 replacement means ease of conversion

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Acid Magic Vs Muriatic Acid

Acid Magic is basically muriatic acid (BUY ON AMAZON) with unknown strength that is buffered using proprietary phosphate containing buffers that can, but don’t necessarily, breakdown into phosphates. It may also contain a cationic surfactant in it that suppresses fumes.

Acid Magic Vs Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid isn’t as bad as people paint it. One just needs to be careful when handling it. Personally, I consider a bottle of bleach to be way more dangerous than MA.

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