20mm MDPE to 22mm Copper StopCock – Better FlowRate

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Need a 20mm MDPE to 22mm copper stop tap? Then get a Plasson 20mm – 22mm coupling, short length of 22 copper and then a 22 stopcock.

20mm MDPE to 22mm at Stopcock

For a new system unvented hot water, your Plumber is looking for a better flow rate. I recommend visiting a good local plumber’s merchant and see if they have 20/22 stopcock first. If they don’t, buy a 20-22 adaptor instead, along a 3m length of 22mm plastic plumbing pipe from which you can cut a small snippet to join the adaptor to the stopcock – the rest will handle the run to the hot tank.

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Do not forget about support sleeves for the MDPE too (although there should be one in the end already) and for the plastic pipe. If you can do the job in copper, then – Eureka! – buy a 3mm 22mm copper pipe instead.

Note: I’m not a plumber and advice taken from this post should be taken as a pinch of salt.

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Don’t forget this: ………   That’s a pinch of salt to be taken with this post as I’m not a plumber.

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20mm mdpe to 22mm copper

An alternative would be to go to the merchants and ask for Philmac or similar it will adjust down to 20mm on one side and take 22/25 on the other. They’re adjustable too!

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